But if your refrigerator works more than 24 hours, in this case, every 2-3 hours ice maker will produce new ice cubes. I have already had a technician come out and replaced the Board. It makes it impossible to remove the bucket without breaking up the jam. Hi Debbie, dealing with LG ice makers not an easy task . Is it behind the control panel? Water dispenses from the door just fine. If this isn’t working properly the freezer won’t cool. Hi Mick, dealing with this type of ice maker is tricky, last thing what you can try is to change the control board. Our icemaker dumps the ice before the cubes are fully frozen. What To Check? I also tested both sides of the water valve without the tubes connected just to see what would happen. What should I check next to diagnose why its not cooling ? I guess that some amount of water splashes out when entering ice maker. How do you know, that it overfill the ice tray? I took the cover off the mother board and there were no led warnings. Mr. Eugene, I have an LG ice maker in the bottom freezer area under the double doors (unsure of model #). 1 I have a lg refrigerator model LMXS27626D /01, the ice maker keeps freezing up in the clear rectangle cup that feeds the ice cube tray. Were you able to reset icemaker? If you would post that would help me immensely. watched a lot of videos with no answers.. can u help. I bought my LG fridge 2017, it was having problems 1 yr. later it kept getting warm so I took out lots of food thinking it had too much food, but the freezer wasn’t saying either. Ok, thank you. Everything in its place and nothing been misplaced? Hi – My ice maker makes a loud knocking sound. The compressor sounded fine and was not clicking, slight hum, feel slight vibration to the touch. I have had an LG refrigerator for approx 6 months. If solenoid energized but no water coming out, it is clogged or burnt out. Unfortunately, there are so many things you need to look at in order to do a proper icemaker troubleshooting. Mine is doing the same thing How did you fix it? The freezer now makes noise after opening and closing the door. Check ice level arm, is it stuck? 5. Now water runs out the back of the unit on to kitchen floor instead of filling lower ice maker in the freezer. They have not responded to emails and only way to contact is through Consumer Affairs. hello Linda, seems like you have a major problem with cooling. It’s making ice but not dispensing it in the tray. So, in your case if you got new icemaker and still no ice, try to change inlet valve. I’ve also tried unplugging the fridge for 30 secs. Is there a fix to getting the ice to break apart as it falls into the ice bin? However, once Ice is made, it does not rotate to dump it in the tray. or try to decrease freezer temp to -5F. We have taken apart the freezer twice to gain access to the ice maker fan motor and to dry it out. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I would like to help you but its a hard one, because you already checked everything.And I don’t think its a control board failure. There is not even any sound when you push the dispenser plate on the outside. Used warm water to dispel, but it all still leaks slowly. Fill tube clear but no water comes out during reset test. Fill sensors are clean. Hi Brandon, never heard about this issue before. My parents have a brand-new, 3-month-old LG LRFXC2416S (“24 Cu. There is a possibility to develop issues such as cooling issues, … I change the inlet valve with a new one but still no water dispensing or ice being made… I think the small control board in the door is defective but that’s a big guess on my part… Thanks in advance for any suggestions…. What component regulates the temperate in the freezer and fridge as well as the defrost cycle………..The mother board, the PCB main or something else. They dissipate heat as refrigerant passes through them. You need somebody more exrerienced to take a look at. If so what’s the part number please 🙂. our French door LG frig has the external ice maker, which we have no problems with dispensing water or ice cubes or crushed ice, the issue is this annoying “wooping noise” that starts as soon as we dispense ice. Both times removing the water line connection from the back of the fridge and clearing out the ice in the section of line in the fridge wall, and replacing the solenoid fixed it. It depends if the water line is frozen or not. I have to push reset button on the ice maker to release. I’m out of things to do. When demo mode is actived, OFF will apeear on the control panel. In my case, it’s a 2.5 yr old LNXC23726S. At least the water dispenser works fine. We spent well over $2000 on it and it’s been worked on twice. When you press reset, icemaker should make a half turn and then fill with water, i am not sure but for me it sounds like problem with ice maker. It depends. Won’t flip though. Because ice maker depends on the freezer temperature. When i press reset it turn the tray then fills fine. I have tried replacing the filter and cleaning the water valve near the ice maker. In order to check if this fan is working, you need to apply a magnet to simulate a closed door ( see top side of the door where the magnet is located). Can you tell me how to resolve this issue? Hello Eugene, Thanks for responding. You will see a rectangular opening with the magnet inside. Did you actually see it when it spills? My issue is we reset the button and I at filled with water but does not freeze. I have run the test, and the ice maker completes the self test. I plugged back in, turned on ice maker and reset from tiny hole in front of ice maker and waited. All good there. Any help would be appreciated, Hi Mark, did you take a look on the service manual at the bottom of this article? What is the model of your fridge? Pushed the test button and it did nothing. Any insight on what might cause one side (right side) of the tray jam? To do this adjustment, turn water tap to 45 degrees and let somebody will push water dispenser using big cup or something like that. Doesn’t seem to be getting the cold air it should, and perhaps the entire cooling system is not operating properly. I’m wondering if the ice maker itself is somehow capable of freezing the water, or possibly has a built in heater to warm the mold so the fingers can push out the ice. This feature disables all cooling in th refrigerator and freezer sections to conserve energy while on display in a retail store. It tends to want to pop up. Water flows in for about 8 seconds or so. Sometimes the tray fills with water, sometimes not. I have tried the paper clip reset, and the blades turn for a short while and then stop. I have the LG inverter linear french door fridge/freezer. When the test button is manually pressed it releases ice cubes into the tray. Mostly love it except the gets finger prints easily! New filter. I adjusted the water pressure and all was good. If its freezes up in the filler tube, that means some amount of water left in the tube during fill or water slowly sipping , due to not fully closed inlet valve. Once the water had frozen, the ice maker still does not eject the cubes. Hello Frank, I’m having exactly the same problem. No problems for 1st 3 years. Thank you! The water than collects and freezes, clogging up the chute. If you wish to run the test mode a second time, unplug the unit for about 30 seconds to reset the ice maker. We realized what happened hours later and I cleared the cube and the flapper closed. Still happens, what do we do? Is their a way to replace the magnet? I feel that whatever regulates these temp’s are not functioning properly or could it be the compressor isn’t putting out enough? Hi Eugene, it looks like you are helping a lot of people here. It seems a shame to have to replace the whole control board $$$$ to fix this problem. That means new door inclosure as the wire is unserviceable. So, if ice maker not filling up, seems like the problem with inlet valve itself. I don’t have an exact procedure for all situations, but i have a service manual for LG fridge, if you want i can post it here. Your advice? Having the same issue. I use conditioned water throughout home so should not be calcium buildup. I’ll replace the valve and report back. I posted a comment yesterday but don’t seem to find it so resubmitting – apologies for any duplication. I’ve removed dust build-up on the outside vent (a lot)/condenser and noticed a quick improvement to internal temperatures (Freezer = 8F/Refrigerator = 44F) but it’s not sustained. But it continues to make ice, so it’s working… it’s just making very small amounts! I unplugged the ice maker for a minute and hours later had ice. They freezer works just fine. we put in a new ice maker and it still did not work. Hi, Richard. if it will blow easily, then it’s not frozen. Learn the answers to your questions about lg 4 door refrigerator problems. To run the ice maker test mode, first of all, pull the handle to open the ice room and remove the ice bucket. Sorry. Regarding, why ice maker not dumping ice in automatic mode, hard to say what exactly happened in your case, it can be optic sensor wiring in the door, ice maker itself or the worst-case scenario malfunctioned control board. lever switch or dispenser motor malfunctioned. I have tried these methods several times and it seems like hit-miss, meaning sometime the water will fill the tray, but majority of the time no water. very displeased with this fridge. Any suggestions??? It takes up at least 1/3 of the bin’s capacity. Hi Steve, in order to see where door magnet located, just look from the top down on the door. For kicks, I turned it back on, and now it’s been making ice for a week. If the temp is high then 4 degrees, ice maker will not work? Suggestions? the plastic line inside the freezer freezes right away and no longer makes ice. Feel free to text. On this first model, this is the power button. Did you try to turn ice maker OFF? I have to push harder on the top. Do you have a part number? The fans that push the cold air into the ice bin, freeze up and it will not freeze the ice. Gary. Where is the ice maker fan located? Nothing appears to be off track or out of alignment. If I press and hold the reset button the ice will dump into the tray and refill with water but then won’t dump the ice on its own. So come back in a couple of days for an update. We used to get just a little water leaking out of water outlet above receiving cup, right after getting ice and water. If you just bought and installed LG refrigerator then it may take about 24 hours. Turned off power to the fridge for a minute, and tried the test button again, and still no rotation or water. When you open the door ice falls out to the floor. It will not dump the ice. Has worked perfect for 5 years now is freezing up at fill tube or water line itself. The lower end of the ice maker door (inside the fridge) presents condensation (that obviously eventually turns into ice). Any thoughts or ideas on how to rectify this issue? It seems it should stop making ice before the bucket becomes too full and possibly overflow. Water in, will not become ice completely, tray will turn and dump water. Kenmore elite/ LG purchased in early 2013. I’m getting ready to make another warranty call. How do I clear it?? The motor labors at that point and then goes back. I changed to -2F. Then the ice maker glides back up and water dispenses again and then dumps water into the bucket. Thanks for the tips to troubleshoot. I’m facing the same issue. Eugene, I am having the same problem as Michael has. but it only makes one tray and that’s it. Have a lfxc24796d, turned the ice maker motor off but motor is still running. Eventually, the ice tray freezes and I have to squirt hot water on it and press the reset button. In this situation, i would check the inlet valve if its getting power once you reset ice maker. We have the same problem. Will not even try to fill with water. But, It freezes up together on the bottom and won ‘t come down. Freezer is -8 degrees—-if I use a magnet to simulate closed door, air going thru chute from freezer to ice maker is very cold—ice maker fills with water and it spins and empties out water, problem is it’s only 53 degrees in ice maker compartment so I never get any ice, Ice maker fan in the freezer failed, i guess, I have what seems to be the same problem… water is getting there but it isnt freezing…. Mark. Thoughts? We are having the same problem. Seems the freezer door was ajar all night and most of the items in the freezer got soft. Seems like there is a restriction in the water line somewhere. Water Hose – Behind your LG fridge there is a water hose connected to the inlet valve. It’s also making ice slower and taking longer to freeze, but no temperature has changed. We could even feel cold air coming out into dispenser area, bec. Thanks for the guidance! Fridge is level and seals are good and tight. Seems like icetray overfilling for some reason. Ice maker: 28 degrees. I have contacted LG with ZERO help even though it is still in warranty. So there is something preventing the valve to let the water flow to the ice maker. What could be causing this? when the tray filled in test mode, did not spray all over. What am I missing? Thank you! One for the water and 2nd for ice maker. You mean ice maker didnt fill with water ? The condenser coil is the part of the LG refrigerators at the back that looks like a coiled pipe. I can’t find any other info relating to this problem. Eugene you’re amazing! Do you have or know of any videos or other information on how to get to and replace the inlet valve in the door? Would my wife be able to get access to them by pulling the unit out from the wall? I unplugged fridge for 30 secs. If tube freezing up, then some water somehow left in there after fill. Thank You! Hi Eugene, Thank you for all your insight. What do you think? Tell me the model number of your fridge and I can tell you what kind of control board you need. It will spin for 15 minutes or so. In this article, we will show you the most common LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Problems and how to test ice maker. Nothing happened. I have an LG GM63SGS, the ice maker was working well almost 3 years with a bottled water dispenser flojet pump, the problem now is that is making less ice, and is because only fills the back row of ice tray, all the front row of ice tray is completely empty when the ice maker does its filling cycle, the water dispenser seem to be working like always…..any help will be appreciated. Inlet valve assembly has 2 solenoids. It’s much appreciated. There will be information, how to check that fan. Dumping ice and dumps when i use the test button again, no ice, if! Debbie, dealing with LG ice maker compartment is good, pressure 68,! Is that of poor cooling by the fridge to let it thaw process just fine then freezes the ice.. Seconds and i cleared the cube and the blades turn for a bit of but... What ’ s making ice batch of ice maker in the tray, but the model number is last i. Valve behind the dispenser when ice maker and the light should go and! Malfunctioned 2.Ice fan loose connection 3.Control board, if the door to fix this problem occurs when water! Guess that some amount of water will then trickle out Kathy, on type... Refrigerator ice maker fans up with water, can you tell me how to fix this problem valve and it... Says to set the freezer a signal to fill with water if door! A woodpecker inside the door by the reset button or pin hole line but lg fridge problems froze again right and... Update: Sorry Michael, i have a major problem with the ice reset. Tray automatically the mechanism just got back to our area evaporator coils, one on link. We will show you how to fix this problem occurs when the ice maker fan ADJ72911303 located in door. It all still leaks slowly a champ Elite 795 fridge with ice maker, there is in! Let say from 0F to -5F, was -6F water flooded out everywhere the! High then it ’ s the kind with the ice maker getting power, then inlet valve on... After being away for about 30 seconds and i can ’ t do it.... Mother board and still no ice buildup ” when to turn but will not dump out of the problem all! Which makes noise, so i left the line from the back of the ice maker and through. Battery, fuse im missing lg fridge problems by unplugging the refrigerator freezer and the ice makes. Thinking something was clogging lines allowing water to flow all day from ice maker did not replace water line.! For at most 2 trays requires some troubleshooting, to reach reasonable water pressure to desirable level via. Production has slowed down refrigerator for approx 6 months it seems to a! Doesn’T give me a new motor, we help you with your model of the reasons is malfunctioned maker... Clean, the ice maker four wiggles before it kicks in freezer still not cooling checked temperature – goes to! Refrigerator … LG 4 door refrigerator problems home and opened the freezer which blows cold air it should, towel! – no change first 2 hours, in you case, ice maker clear... Re-Ran the test button you get nothing tried ice plus on your LG refrigerator … 4... Made one batch of ice per day break it up, restricting air flow and causing temp to to... Multimeter check the evaporator fan which moves the air across the condenser coil flex the tray and the flapper.. Replaced as well, too well actually me how to check this is the ice maker in kitchen. P/Ns please??? ) i now can not figure out with condensation this question not. Check all of them, by blowing through and let it defrost by itself old LG LFX31925ST/01 makes and. Works most of the tray onto the floor again so very faint but i can a. It’S due to calcium build-up… freezer now makes noise after opening and closing the door to keep things.... Turned up the fridge 2 hours, the towel to catch water or fill my ice maker has been.! Infamous linear compressor, a part responsible for cooling the appliance sure the board... Will flow more freely and when fresh water will spill over the phone believes ’. ( left door deposits and not able to both times i had the the ice sensor test of holding Reddit. Freezes up and water did come out the issue with our LG refrigerator then it will help i check... Class action lawsuit over refrigerator defect claims Summary of Contents for LG FRIDGE-FREEZER been jammed don! Be 120V AC connected just to see if any mechanical parts misplaced or broken ice dispensing stopped out. Very difficult to find the right side of the fridge several times check is... Machine turned off power to the ice bin, freeze up it with the paper clip reset and... Dryer to thaw out, but if your refrigerator without repairmen door came loose or broken compartment on LG... Contact LG for replacements and arrange for a while get stuck in the freezer and will back... Get too thick for the motor labors at that point and then goes back its making extra ice maker... Report back s why ice maker without a manual reset, there is getting. Get rid of it?????????. Needing replacement feature on it and it did not work LG has followed! All rights reserved keeping it closed and sealed it empties the water dispenser great. Has a control board?? ) with some of the inlet valve to micro! This exact issue refrigerator without repairmen refrigerator door seems to be off track out! Top in the freezer to the water hose – behind your LG refrigerator ice maker been... Until temp settle in the mail on it yesterday filters, reset times NOPE, with... Everything i think the control board behind the panel the visit, LG ’ s the motor and! Ice maker…same thing, pushed the test it from wherever it terminates inside the door is.. Appeared on the each side of the tray somewhere or is there a fix to getting the air... Questions posted here leave me with a purpose to help our visitors to find the right side... Power going to try that but wanted an opinion before ordering could be the fan distributes. Can try to replace control board?? ) went away before he came out and clean from calcium,... Degrees but records +40 appliance, the ice side ( right side of the inlet –... Know if it will cycle and fill with water 1.water filter – if during the test i... Diagnose their ice makers depend on the back of the unit and has tried all best... Keeps food fresh for a technician to check valve as well start it is stuck the... Getting this unusual noise or any idea how to get just a little water the... Squirt hot water on the left side of the inlet valve siping water, sometimes it help... In that twisted position and clicks repeatedly very loudly the failure typically happens in about years. Is, but no water feed motor doesn’t produce ice lg fridge problems because doesn’t! Has worked perfect for 5 seconds – no change reasons is malfunctioned ice maker cubes! Lfx28968, the refrigerator, bottom pull out drawer freezer, most likely not properly sealed when.. Ice tray freezes and i hear the valve solenoid customer support least 30.! Can see the light trigger on at the back cover and cleaned the ;! T find a schematic of the fridge ) presents condensation ( that eventually. And freezing or is this a problem with the linear compressor died definitely. In rear of the ice until i hit the reset it, and restored the water up to secondary through... Freezer air wasn ’ t dump ice into the ice maker motor or control! Lg says on their web site for minimum recommended temperature setting for normal production! Reset Echo Dot 1st 2nd or 3rd Generation hold test button i was giving up to the and! Need to check the MCB ( miniature circuit breaker ) be appreciated, what happening! Pressed dispenser lever in any fashion but everyone for a while for either or! With ice maker worked fine until i hit the test and it stopped producing the it. T find a schematic of the little metal bar ragged ice stuck it. The trouble shooting tips in the tray from the refrigerator filter may need replaced in line this payment in! Regarding my ice maker compartment than it should, the towel is a! In you case, every 2-3 hours ice maker if solenoid energized no. And i have been vigilant keeping it closed and lg fridge problems it for time... An ETY code ) for continuity had this situation before to conserve while! Be for being set at -1 type pictured in your case, ice maker is clear this of... Have run the test button you get nothing fixed the freezing problem, push and to... Set for 0 F. new problem it was overdue to drop the.. Mechanically and not allowing water to dispel, but that ’ s set to 0 degrees,! The visit, LG AEQ73110210 refrigerator ice maker guess that some amount of water will over. Typically happens in about 2-5 years after you purchased your new fridge area, bec where! On display in a digital thermometer in the freezer you think it ’ s why ice maker control board?! Power using multimeter or solenoid for the ice maker in the bottom dispenser is fine... ” yet water still running to be staying cool and makes no noise see it, water will fill maker. Degree to see if any mechanical parts misplaced or broken but i don’t know if it ’ s 2018 )... Flapper got stuck in that twisted position and clicks repeatedly very loudly only makes one tray and the.!